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Fullmetal Alchemist 500

weekly challenge based short fiction

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This is a community for challenge based short fiction based on the anime/manga Fullmetal Alchemist. A new challenge will be posted every week with ficlets due within 7 days. Warnings for spoilers is not mandatory, so read at your own risk. The moderators for this community are: ponderosa121 and blue_soaring.


Responses should be approximately 500 words. A shorter or longer response to a challenge is welcome, but please link to a post in your own journal for fics longer than 1000 words.

Multiple responses to a challenge are welcome and should be posted seperately. For ease of archiving, please put the number of the challenge you are responding to in the subject line of your post.

All responses must be properly labeled with: Title, Pairing, Rating and Warnings. It should be obvious, but warnings are especially important for things like Character Death and NCS/Rape.

The body of the story should be hidden behind an lj cut. If you feel the need to include author notes and they are longer than a few sentences, put them behind the cut.

Header Examples:

Title: My Title
Author: My Name
Pairing/Characters: Pairing(s) if applicable.
Rating: G? PG-13? R? NC-17?
Warnings/Kinks: Warnings or kinks if applicable.

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Pairing. Rating. Wordcount. Warnings/Kinks.
Notes or summary.

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General rules:

No off-topic posts of any kind. If you are not a moderator, any post that is not a challenge response is considered OT.
No character bashing or pairing bashing in a fic or in feedback.
No flames or unsolicited harsh criticism. Concrit is highly encouraged, but keep it constructive.
No character discussion outside the context of a story. If you think character A would not do/say/drink/eat something in the story, before you comment to say so, take a moment to ask yourself if they wouldn't do it because it's out of character in terms of your interpretation of canon, or in the realms of the world the author has established. If you feel it's out of character in general and are looking for a discussion/debate contact the author privately.

Finally, be polite and tolerant at all times. Treat the characters and your fellow fans with respect.


Sister communities: gw500, naruto_500, tenipuri500, pirates500

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